COUNT DUCKULA (1988-93). Review by Steve Kirkham

COUNT DUCKULA (1988-93) 3 stars (4 stars if you are a fan) Fabulous Films. DVD. 3rd June Often as a critic you are sent titles to review...

CJ7 (2008). Review by Steve Kirkham

CJ7 (2008) 3 stars 88 Films. Blu Ray. Out Now Young Dicky (Jiao Xu) has little money and is bullied by the rich kids at school because...

PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES (1965) Reviewed by Steve Kirkham

PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES (1965) 4 stars Radiance Films. Limited Edition Blu Ray. 27th May PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES is something of a misnomer, as there are...

BREATHE (2024) Review by Steve Kirkham

3 stars Signature Entertainment. Digital Platforms. Available now We are in a post apocalyptic world in Brooklyn, New York in 2039. The oxygen levels are such...

THE BODY STEALERS (1969). Review by Steve Kirkham

THE BODY STEALERS (1969) 3 stars 88 Films. Blu ray. Out Now 88 Films continue their exploration into Tony Tenser’s Tigon catalogue – better known for their...


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