BLACK TIGHT KILLERS (1966). Review by Steve Kirkham

BLACK TIGHT KILLERS (1966) 4 stars. Radiance Films. Blu Ray. 26th February What’s not to love about a kitschy 60s Japanese movie about a group of...

ROOBARB (1974) Review by Steve Kirkham

ROOBARB (1974) 4 stars (for nostalgia) Fabulous Films/Spirit Entertainment. DVD and Blu Ray. 19th February It’s kind of mad that a kids cartoon from the 70s is...

SANTA CLAUS: THE MOVIE (1985) Review by Steve Kirkham

SANTA CLAUS: THE MOVIE (1985) 3 stars StudioCanal. UHD/Blu Ray/DVD/Digital. Out Now. Cinema re-release November 24th With a simple onscreen title of Santa Claus, this was known...

Welcome to The Spirit Tracers issue #2. If you’re a fan...

0   This just in from our pals at The Spirit Today ers. Welcome to Issue #2 of The Spirit Tracers! We'd like to say a big...

DOOR MOUSE (2022) Reviewed by Steve Kirkham

    DOOR MOUSE (2022) 3 stars The Movie Partnership. Digital download. Out now Door Mouse is an indie Canadian neo-noir mystery thriller about a broke comic book artist...


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