BREATHE (2024) Review by Steve Kirkham


    3 stars
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    We are in a post apocalyptic world in Brooklyn, New York in 2039. The oxygen levels are such that the world is uninhabitable without some kind of outfit, complete with breathing apparatus and plant life has also become non-existent. You know the usual cheery fate we face in so many sci fi movies. But clearly some folk have managed to survive.
    Darius (Common) is a clever engineer who has made suits to enable going outside and survive the harsh environment plus has built a bunker to keep both himself and wife Maya (Jennifer Hudson) and daughter Zora (Quvenzhane Wallis) alive, which has an oxygen generator to enable them to breathe.
    When his father dies, for some reason known only to himself, Darius decides to make the treacherous journey to bury him near his mother – quite why you would do this which such a harsh and uninviting environment is beyond me! When after several months he hasn’t returned, Maya and Zora have managed to survive … that is until Tess (Milla Jovovich), who claims to know Darius, turns up at their door, alongside Lucas (Sam Worthington) and Micah (Raul Castillo), and try to gain access by whatever means necessary. The duo are faced with a real fight for survival as the interlopers are determined to get inside.
    About the best you can say about BREATHE is it has a good cast – shame they are wasted by a by the numbers, muddled script by Doug Simon, which never fully engages. There is some visual styling from director Stefan Bristol, with the scenes outside all burnt orange to depict the failed world. Unfortunately the stand-off between the mother and daughter and the outsiders never really excites – it has it’s moments but never reaches a satisfying whole.
    Steve Kirkham


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