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Hammer – The Haunted House of Horror: The definitive history of Hammer Films by Denis Meikle

Hammer – The Haunted House of Horror is a great companion volume our other best-selling volume, Amicus – The Friendly Face of Fear. This definitive history of Britain’s most famous purveyors of Gothic fantasies is written by Denis Meikle, a leading expert on Hammer and author of Vincent Price: The Art of Fear and Jack The Ripper: The Murders and the Movies.

Exhaustively researched, this amazing book tells the full story of the rise and fall (and rise again) of Hammer, revealing the full story behind their hits and misses, with contributions from many of Hammer’s key players, including Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Oliver Reed, producers Anthony Hinds and Kenneth Hyman and studio head Michael Carreras.

Denis Meikle’s book paints a colourful picture of a bygone era of filmmmaking and brings the Hammer story right up to date with a look at their recent resurrection with the box office hit, The Woman In Black.

Profusely illustrated in full colour throughout, with never-before-published stills, posters, lobby cards, flyers, candid photographs and unused artwork, this lavish book is the definitive history of Hammer, and a must for every Hammer fan.


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