CJ7 (2008). Review by Steve Kirkham


    CJ7 (2008)

    3 stars
    88 Films. Blu Ray. Out Now
    Young Dicky (Jiao Xu) has little money and is bullied by the rich kids at school because of his poor background. This, despite the fact his dad Ti (Stephen Chow) works hard in construction, to give his son a better life and to have the all the opportunities (since his Mum died) and enable him to go to the fancy school.
    His father tries to instill good values in his offspring (though you might question some of his methods) – to study hard so that he doesn’t end up like him, a lowly labourer.
    When the young boy desperately wants a robotic toy dog, the CJ1, his Dad has to disappoint Dicky, as there is no way he can afford it. Then, going through the rubbish at the dump, as he often does, to find things like shoes for his son, he discovers something way better than a mechanic mutt. An adorable green bodied, furry headed, alien creature, like a small puppy – which Dicky calls CJ7. Son the other kids at school are jealous of this new ‘toy’.
    Star Stephen Chow is probably best known for SHAOLIN SOCCER (2001) and KUNG FU HUSTLE (2004), so this sweet, family oriented movie is something of a change of pace. He also directed and co-wrote the script with Vincent Kok, Tsang Kan Cheong, Sandy Shaw Lai King, Fung Chih Chiang and Lam Fung – though why it took a committee to craft this lightweight confection is beyond me.
    Undemanding entertainment with at times daft and silly humour that will likely appeal more to kids than adults.
    This all looks fine on this Blu Ray though some of the CGI effects are a bit rudimentary.
    Steve Kirkham
    3 stars
    Subtitled Director’s Audio Commentary
    Archival “The Story of CJ7” featurette (13 mins)
    Archival “CJ7 TV Special” featurette (22 mins)
    Archival “Anatomy of a Scene” featurette (6 mins)
    Archival “How to Bully a Bully” featurette (4 mins)
    Archival “How to Make a Lollipop” featurette (1 min)
    English Theatrical Trailer
    Reversible Sleeve featuring alternative artwork


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