COUNT DUCKULA (1988-93). Review by Steve Kirkham


    COUNT DUCKULA (1988-93)

    3 stars (4 stars if you are a fan)
    Fabulous Films. DVD. 3rd June
    Often as a critic you are sent titles to review which quite honestly there are not enough hours in the day to fully watch and have a considered opinion about. Such is COUNT DUCKULA, with Fabulous Film releasing all 4 seasons on disc for your delectation. So this is more a preview than a full review as there is no way I could watch all 65 episodes before the release date.
    That being a given I did dip into the series with my 6 year old grandson – he chuckled at some of the slapstick elements but wasn’t overly taken by it as a whole. Much of the humour is dialogue driven and as such is aimed at older children and adults, so I suspect the main audience for this set will be those who have a nostalgia for this cartoon about a vegetarian vampire who goes on various adventures using his castle which can teleport to different locations.
    Created by Cosgrove Hall, this was spin-off from the better known DANGERMOUSE, with David Jason returning to the fold to voice the main character, having also been the voice of Dangermouse in the classic cartoon. Duckula first appeared as a villain in that animation – whereas this time out he is a vegetarian due to the fact that he was resurrected using tomato ketchup by mistake. That’s about the level of the silly humour it seems.
    The intro and ending are narrated by Barry Clayton doing his best Vincent Price impersonation – allegedly much to Price’s annoyance after he saw the show.
    This was a show that passed me by – as I indicate in my star rating above, if you are a fan you are going want to get this DVD set.
    2 stars
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