Here’s an interesting post just in from reader Richard Dixon:

Just purchased the first edition of Infinity….superb new magazine….editorial spot on / great articles and some really good images…..Rick Melton’s art posters for the mag are brilliant – please keep more of Rick’s art coming through for the new magazine – like his work for the Dark Side it will really lift the quality if you could have a regular spot for his artwork in your new publication …..looking forward to issue 2….

May be if you are interested, I have a Science Fiction Concept Story idea which I have created in a model animation format and published it on the web on my web site. It’s called SEASTAR 5 INVADERS FROM THE ABYSS . Perhaps your readers might like to take a look at it if you could give it a small mention. It’s fully illustrated in a photo story format, with a four episode production .

The production has been viewed by over 34,000 people to date .

A second photo story production SEASTAR 5 OCEAN WARS is in production for a late 2017 release to the web to continue the story line.

The production concept story features a super submarine and her crew of Aquanaut Commandos in the underwater world of the 21st Century…..the first story covers how the sub gains a new Captain and the second story the subs first mission to the undersea Empire of Lemuria.
I have enclosed with this e-mail¬†eight images from my work on the project……the full story concept , first four episodes , the second story sample images and all about it are available on my studio web site. .
Looks good to me, Richard, keep up the good work mate!