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Die Laughing! The Dark Side Guide to Comedy Horror Movies




Comedy and horror are both movie genres that seek to elicit an audible response from the viewer, and that’s why they go together so well. The best horror comedies have you laughing out loud one moment and screaming the next. Like An American Werewolf in London, for example, or 2023’s Cocaine Bear, both of which are discussed in this superb new Dark Side book.

If you’ve bought our previous books you’ll know what to expect: a definitive guide that in this instance covers the full range of comedy horror out there – and we’re not joking!

Whatever your tastes in either genre, you’ll be laughing here: From the sophisticated black comedy of James Whale’s The Old Dark House to the gory excesses of Troma films and Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste and Braindead. From Abbott and Costello’s meetings with various classic Universal monsters and Bob Hope wisecracking about zombies in The Ghost Breakers.

All of these and much, much more are covered here in forensic detail, with fascinating background facts to make you cackle and howl. As well as the likes of Young Frankenstein and Carry on Screaming, you’ll find comedy vampires and Killer Tomatoes, andbe able to check out the way that The Three Stooges influenced Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series. We also look back at those Plan Nine From Outer Space ‘Golden Turkeys’ that weren’t meant to be funny but still turned out that way.

And alongside fun chapters on such British favourites as The Ghost Train and What a Carve Up, we have an up-to-date look at how the UK horror comedy landscape has changed since Shaun of the Dead!

Fans of our previous books will know what to expect here. Lavishly illustrated in full colour and printed on high quality glossy paper, this is a special collector’s edition that will delight every fan of this hugely popular sub-genre.

As always with Dark Side books this is a highly collectable volume, beautifully produced, and designed with artistic genius by our in-house designification expert Kevin Coward.

And since this limited print run volume is not available in shops, as well as buying a fabulous book you are investing in a true collector’s item.

Packed with never-before-published stills and posters, Die Laughing really is a scream, and also an essential purchase for any discerning reader who enjoys being scared to death and having a laugh at the same time!