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Infinity 50: Heads You Lose!


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As Britain’s fastest-rising sci-fi and cult TV magazine hits its half century we of course had to celebrate with something special, and therefore we decided that nothing other than Sean Connery in a Mankini would do! Yes, we had to remember Zardoz, Sean’s oddest film, ‘shurely’. And while we are talking odd, how many of you remember McDonaldland? It wasn’t exactly the company’s clowning glory, but you’ll be loving reading about it. Famed action heroine Modesty Blaise was the female James Bond, and we join her for some adventures on the screen and the comic book page, as well as interviewing Get Carter’s Mike Hodges and Clockwork Orange star Malcolm McDowell. With humour from Ted Ray, a look at animatronic dinosaurs and a trip back in time to remember the second incarnation of The Eagle, this one has it all!

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