RESTORE POINT (2023) Review by Steve Kirkham


    RESTORE POINT (2023)

    4 stars
    Plaion Pictures. Digital 1st April
    How often do you back stuff up – you know important stuff like your work folder, or all those oh so interesting photos cluttering up your phone? Imagine if you could do a back-up of yourself and be revived, via cellular regeneration, if you suffered a violent or unexpected accidental death. Bet you would make sure you did it then! That’s the clever premise at the heart of Czech sci-fi thriller RESTORE POINT.
    Set in the near future of 2041, in an Eastern European country, this has police officer Em Trochinowska (an excellent Andrea Mohylová) drawn into a murder case involving this emerging technology that enables people to brought back to life.
    When David Kurlstat (Matej Hádek), head researcher at the Restoration Institute, the company responsible for developing the innovative science, and his wife turn up apparently murdered, Em takes on the case. Bizarrely, for someone who was working on the project, neither he nor his wife have viable backups to restore them. All clues point to a terrorist group, calling themselves the River of Life, who are opposed to scientists playing God.
    But as she digs further into the case, she begins to realise there is more to this than meets the eye, with cover-ups and conspiracy coming to the fore. Her investigation is also constantly undermined by an interfering agent from Europol.
    With a great central concept this a compelling, slickly made production, well acted and assuredly directed by Robert Hloz.
    As much police procedural as it is sci-fi actioner, this incorporates nice little touches throughout that add up to a convincing future world without flashily overshadowing the strong narrative which has great twists and turns. Some might find this inventive film a touch talky but it holds the interest throughout.
    Steve Kirkham


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