Welcome to Infinity, the brand new magazine for fans of science fiction and cult TV. On sale at all major newsagents and travel points in the UK as well as Barnes and Noble and other premium booksellers in the USA, the first issue goes on sale April 27th, 2017. New issues will be available every six weeks from then on, and there are good savings to be made if you subscribe. What’s different about Infinity that sets it apart from the other sci-fi mags out there? The main difference is we will not be confining ourselves to press release-type information on the new science fiction blockbusters and going over the same old ground about who should or should not be the next Doctor Who! We will be looking at the rich history of the genre, with the help of some of the best writers around. If you are already a fan of The Dark Side magazine then you will know exactly what kind of high quality to expect, and Infinity will be dazzling to look at too. The first issue contains many of your sci-fi favourites and we take a close-up look at Blade Runner on the eve of the long-awaited 2017 remake. Check it out and let us know what you think – we are certain you will not be disappointed!